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One of our main goals at Premium Brick is to bring together the very best of the best brick designers out there in a digital exhibition on this website.

 Here you will find the ones who succeed in giving the white brick the visibility it deserves. 

Designers, Architects and Artists, both with professional and amateurs are brought together in their love of the white brick.

Without them premium brick would simply not exist.

Each design on Premium Brick has the name of the designer in the product description and all credits are given to the rightful owner.

grew up as kid with a love for architecture and design and picked up drawing with visual design software later on. Although he isn't a designer professionally, the details of his designs will blow you away. Digital design allows him to think about the box without worrying whether he has all the pieces in stock.

works as a Data Visualization & Analytics consultant in the Benelux. This has implicitly made him a designer. Not worrying about the brick colors allows him to focus pure on the structure of his designs. He doesn't know much about architecture but of oh boy does he love to play with white bricks.


works as a full-time interior digital designer professional in the South-East of Brasil. His love for both design, architecture, human interaction (and his wife Keli) makes that he never loses touch with the functional when making his designs. During summer you can find him at the beach, the club or having some goods times with the family.

Inspired by: Frank Loyd and Bauhaus


You want to become a featured designer?
We are always looking our for talented white brick designer to join the Premium Brick designer club.

If you would like to be featured on our website you can contact use at

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